I’m running to represent the 6th District for the same reason I first ran for the Statehouse.
I want to make it possible for every child to enjoy the same kind of basic opportunities my
mom and dad gave me: A solid education, a steady source of health care, and a safe place to live.

To create those opportunities, we need a strong economy, a public sector that understands
and supports local businesses, and a 21st-century infrastructure.

Someone once said there are two kinds of politicians in the world:
Those who want to be somebody and those who want to do something.
So let me be clear: I’m running for the House of Representatives to get things done.

About Andrew

Andrew Romanoff won election to four terms in the Colorado
House of Representatives, including two terms as Speaker of
the House. He earned national acclaim as one of the most
effective legislative leaders in America.

Andrew led the fight to pass an Economic Recovery Plan and steer Colorado
out of a deep recession. He brought Democrats and Republicans together to
repair our state’s crumbling schools. He authored laws to protect the victims of domestic
violence, provide treatment for mental illness, expand the supply of affordable housing,
and shield children and seniors from neglect and abuse.

Andrew has devoted much of his career to teaching – from rural high schools in
Central America to the Community College of Aurora. One of his first jobs,
at the Southern Poverty Law Center, fueled a lifelong commitment to civil rights.
He also served on the board of the Center for Women’s Employment and Education,
a job-training agency for low-income women.

In 2010, Andrew joined IDE, a Colorado-based organization that produces agricultural
technology and training for small-scale farmers and businesses. Over the last 30 years,
IDE has equipped more than three million families with the tools they need to lift
themselves out of extreme poverty.

More than 50 state and national organizations have recognized Andrew’s leadership.
The Council of State Governments, the National Conference of State Legislatures,
and the State Legislative Leaders Foundation present the William Bulger Award to the
“legislative leader who has worked to preserve and build public trust in the institution of
the state legislature and whose career embodies the highest principles of leadership —
integrity, compassion, vision and courage.” In 2006, Andrew became the award’s
youngest recipient. Two years later, Governing Magazine named him
“Public Official of the Year.”


 It is 2014 – election year – and our campaign is in full swing!  Your commitment of time is vital to our success.  Please sign up now.

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Our office is located at 10730 E. Bethany Drive, Suite 280, Aurora, CO 80014

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