Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Candidate Forum

Last week an Asian American and Pacific Islander community candidate forum took place at the Asian Pacific Development Center in Aurora.  US Congressional District 6 candidates were invited.  Andrew Romanoff, who is seeking to unseat incumbent Mike Coffman was the only of the two to appear.  He sat next to an empty chair and said that he embraced the opportunity to have the time to himself.

Rep. Mike Coffman and Andrew Romanoff battle for women's support

Mike Coffman knows his potential weak spots in his race for a fourth term in Congress. There's his past support for "personhood" ballot measures, a position he's since reversed. And there's a list of votes that give Democrats grist to argue he's been unfriendly to women.

Guest Column – Regaining fiscal responsibility in Washington

Read Andrew's op-ed in the Greenwood Villager about balancing the budget.

In debate, Romanoff lashes incumbent Coffman to most-terrible Congress ever

HE old joke — that the worst part of running for Congress is winning — doesn’t get the problem exactly right, not this year at least. As Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman likely would be happy to tell you, worse than winning and having to serve in Congress is running for reelection and having to explain what you have been doing as a member of the least-productive, most-hated Congress in history.

Friction yields sparks between Coffman, Romanoff at Aurora election forum

When Romanoff asked Coffman whether he would join him in being the first two candidates in history to turn down all contributions from political action committees, things got heated. Coffman is taking political action committee money for this campaign. Romanoff is not. 

The Battle in the 6th CD

The contenders in what could be the most closely fought congressional race in the country clashed over immigration, federal spending and campaign finance at their first debate on Thursday morning, but it was one candidate’s punt and the other’s fumble that drew the sharpest barbs from both sides.

Andrew Romanoff tells retirement home group his race “is up for grabs”

Andrew Romanoff knew his audience wasn’t up for a hard sell. So during a visit Tuesday to the Inn at Greenwood Village, a retirement community near the Denver Tech Center, he took a more conversational approach. He asked where the 18 or so attendees of the meet-and-greet were from. He took questions about globalization, the economy, immigration and other top-of-the-news issues. He mixed it up before the talk with William S. Jackson, a resident who served in the Colorado House from 1953 to 1955. And he managed a joke near the end, asking — when someone requested information about voter registration deadlines — if anyone there was younger than 18.

Andrew Romanoff airs first candidate TV ad in race against Rep. Mike Coffman

Democrat Andrew Romanoff kicked off the direct ad war against Rep. Mike Coffman Monday by airing the first candidate TV spot in the well-financed 6th Congressional District race, one of the highest-profile contests in the country this year. In the ad, the former Colorado House speaker touts a record of balanced budgets, with legislators working across the aisle to make tough choices. The contrast to Congress’ partisan gridlock is clear.

LETTERS: In support of Andrew Romanoff

As business, civic and government leaders and as members of Colorado’s Latino community, we wholeheartedly endorse Andrew Romanoff for Congress.

Andrew’s career is a testament to his courage and compassion.  He worked tirelessly in the Colorado House to improve our schools, grow our economy, and strengthen the middle class.

Immigration overhaul death may hurt Colorado GOP

The 2014 electoral map makes it unlikely Republicans will pay an immediate political price for the recent death of an immigration overhaul bill, except in one key, perennial swing state: Colorado.