Thank you very much for supporting my campaign for Congress.  I’m deeply grateful for your vote of confidence in me.

Over the last 21 months, you and I built one of the broadest grassroots campaigns in the country -- a campaign driven by ideas, powered by people, and free of personal attacks.  I hope you’re just as proud as I am of the progress we made and the example we set.

More than 100,000 voters embraced our call to make higher education more affordable, to ensure equal pay for equal work, to accelerate our transition to a clean-energy economy, and to enact comprehensive immigration reform.  All of those causes are still worth fighting for.

While I won’t be able to carry that fight to Congress next year, I look forward to working with you in other ways to advance the goals we share. I remain committed, as I know you are, to “form a more perfect union.”

I hope I’ll have a chance to thank you in person in the months ahead.  Until then, please accept my gratitude and my very best wishes.


Andrew Romanoff