Enact Immigration Reform – Andrew Romanoff for US Senate


Enact Immigration Reform

Like so many of us, I would not be here if the U.S. had not opened its doors to my mother, to her parents, and to my father’s parents. Welcoming them—and millions of other families—to contribute their talents has made America stronger in every sense of the word. As the son and grandson of immigrants, I am deeply committed to preserving that opportunity for generations to come. 

Immigration forms a tremendous source of our nation’s economic, cultural, and intellectual wealth; in many ways, immigration defines America. Yet our current immigration system is broken. This administration’s heartless policies have torn families apart, contributed to the deaths of children in U.S. custody, and sown fear throughout our country. The president has demonized immigrants, dishonored our heritage, trampled on the Constitution, and undermined our values.

As Colorado’s next senator, I will champion comprehensive immigration reform. Such reform should reduce current backlogs; provide clear and fair rules for employers and employees; protect the rights of asylum seekers and refugees; and establish a swift and sensible process to bring millions of undocumented immigrants out of the shadows. Those who are willing to work hard, pay taxes, and obey the law should be able to achieve legal status and citizenship, instead of being forced to wait for decades on end or being treated like criminals.

I will work to bring visa programs in accord with the interests of the American workforce and the needs of the modern economy. I will fight for DREAMers and for those under Deferred Enforced Departure and Temporary Protected Status. And I will do everything in my power to stop ICE or any other agency from abusing its authority and from engaging—or allowing corporate profiteers to engage—in inhumane detention practices.

Poverty, conflict, and climate change will continue to drive global migration. Having lived in Central America, worked in Africa, and traveled extensively throughout the world, I understand the importance of international aid and diplomacy. As Colorado’s next senator, I will help rebuild the relationships this administration has so badly damaged.


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